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28 juillet 2010
Grégoire Mahuzier


Associate Professor, Chairperson and Director of Avignon Institute

Brigitte Mahuzier est professeure à Bryn Mawr College (Etats-Unis). Elle a publié de nombreux articles sur Baudelaire, Colette, Rodin, Proust...

Cornell University

Professor of French, Directrice, Institut d’études françaises d’Avignon
Brigitte Mahuzier
Ph.D. Cornell University
Office : Thomas Hall 146
610-526-5384 / 610-526-7959

Brigitte Mahuzier specializes in Modern French history, cultural studies, and gender and queer theory. Among her courses are : "Histoire des femmes en France de la Révolution àl’époque moderne," "Ecrire la grande guerre," "Histoire de la pensée moderne : de Lévi-Strauss à Derrida," "Littérature et gastronomie," and a number of seminars on fin-de siècle aesthetics and politics as well as on the work and reception of Marcel Proust.

Bryn Mawr College

Department of French and Francophone Studies
Bryn Mawr College
101 North Merion Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-2899

Phone : (610) 526-5198
FAX : (610) 526-7479

Haverford College

French Department | Haverford College | 370 Lancaster Ave | Haverford, PA | 19041.

Fall 2008, Bryn Mawr
- FRENB213001 Qu’est-ce que la théorie ? Mahuzier,Brigitte TTH 11:30am-1:00pm

Spring 2009, Bryn Mawr
- FRENB248001 Histoire des Femmes en France Mahuzier,Brigitte TTH 10:00am-11:30am
- FRENB326001 Etudes avancées Mahuzier,Brigitte T 2:00pm-4:00pm

Fall 2009, Bryn Mawr
- FRENB205001 Le Temps des prophètes Mahuzier,Brigitte TTH 10:00am-11:30am
- FRENB398001 Senior Conference Mahuzier,Brigitte TH 1:30pm-4:00pm

Spring 2010, Bryn Mawr
- FRENB207001 Missionnaires et cannibales Mahuzier,Brigitte TTH 10:00am-11:30am
- FRENB600001 Graduate Seminar Mahuzier,Brigitte T 4:00pm-6:00pm

Yale French Studies, Number 90

Same Sex/Different Text ? Gay and Lesbian Writing in French, Vol. 90 by Brigitte Mahuzier (Editor), Charles A. Porter (Editor), Ralph Sarkonak (Editor), Karen McPherson (Editor)

Product Details

- Pub. Date : January 1997
- Publisher : Yale University Press
- Format : Paperback, 262pp
- Series : Yale French Studies Series
- ISBN-13 : 9780300069556
- ISBN : 0300069553


There are French writers in France and North America who are gay or lesbian, but do they practice lesbian and gay writing ? In "Same Sex/Different Text ? Gay and Lesbian Writing in French," lesbian and gay writers are juxtaposed ; photographs and texts look at each other ; and literary observers ask about "gay erotics," queer rhetoric, and how to sort out the effects of sexual preference, homophobia, time and place, and literary and artistic tradition.

Table of Contents

- Editors’ Preface 1
- An Interview with Renaud Camus 7
- Colette for Export Only 25
- All Her Sons : Marguerite Duras, Antiliterature, and the Outside 47
- Claude Cahun’s Double 71
- From Lesbos to Montreal : Nicole Brossard’s Urban Fictions 95
- Gay Theater in Quebec : The Search for an Identity 115
- Defense and Illustration of Gay Liberation 139
- The Secretive Body : Roland Barthes’s Gay Erotics 153
- Traces and Shadows : Fragments of Herve Guibert 172
- In Light of Invisibility 205
- A Conversation 214
- A Questionnaire : French Lesbian Writers ? Answers from Monique Wittig, Jocelyne Francois, and Mireille Best 235
- Selected Bibliography of Works in French Related to Lesbian Issues and Problematics 242

Brigitte Mahuzier, Associate Professor ; Ph.D., Cornell, 1988. Narrative and poetry of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries ; feminist, gender, and queer
theory ; visual arts and aesthetic theory.

Proust, éditions et lectures

Littérature, « Proust, éditions et lectures », n° 88, décembre
1992 (articles de Brigitte Mahuzier, Elyane Dezon-Jones,
Antoine Compagnon, Nathalie Mauriac Dyer et Inge

Le Passé endeuillé : Histoire et quête autobiographique chez Balzac et Stendhal

Brigitte Mahuzier, « Le Passé endeuillé : Histoire et quête autobiographique chez Balzac et Stendhal », Nineteenth-Century French Studies, Spring-Summer 1994, n° 22 (3-4), p. 371-78.

Proust déboutonné : pour une théorie du bouton dans La Recherche

N° 46 - 1996
Proust déboutonné : pour une théorie du bouton dans La Recherche, par
Brigitte Mahuzier

Colette pour elle-même

Cahiers Colette n°19 , 1997 - Colette 1935-1954, Colloque de Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye (30 et 31 mai 1997), 263 p., 18 €
Brigitte Mahuzier, Colette pour elle-même.

a Proustian reading of Baudelaire’s "Je n’ai pas oublié ..."

Understanding Les fleurs du mal
critical readings
Publié : 1997, Vanderbilt University Press (Nashville)
Profaned memory : a Proustian reading of Baudelaire’s "Je n’ai pas oublié ..." / Brigitte Mahuzier

Pity and the Ethics of Sado-Masochism in Proust

The Rhetoric of the Other
Gay and Lesbian Discourses in French and Francophone Literature, Culture, and Film
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, November 21-23, 1997
Brigitte Mahuzier (Bryn Mawr College) "Pity and the Ethics of Sado-Masochism in Proust"

Rodin’s Sapphic Designs

GLQ : A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies - Volume 7, Number 3, 2001, pp. 401-415 / Duke University Press

By the time Rodin died in 1917, his reputation as a sculptor of genius was already firmly established. To make certain that it would endure after his death, he signed a deed, in September 1916, leaving to the French state the totality of his "oeuvre," which was to remain in the beautiful eighteenth-century mansion he had established as his Paris studio in 1908. According to the terms of the deed, the old mansion, named the Hôtel Biron, was to become the Musée Rodin, a monument to his own glory. Rodin’s stipulations had to be encoded in law, and it was only after heated debates in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies that the government finally ratified his bequest, in November 1916. The Hôtel Biron had seen a moment of splendor in the eighteenth century, when it was inhabited by a series of notables. In the nineteenth century it had been turned into a convent school for aristocratic girls. After the nuns’ departure, prompted by the separation of church and state in 1904, it had been converted into a tenement and had thereby acquired a somewhat scandalous reputation. Rodin saved it in the nick of time : it was about to be leveled and the lot sold to real estate developers. After his death, the run-down building was renovated, its overgrown garden was...

Colette’s Ecriture gourmande

French Food : On the Table, on the Page, and in French Culture

- EDITOR : Lawrence R. Schehr, Allen S. Weiss
- ISBN : 0415936276
- ISBN-13 : 9780415936279
- Format : Hardback (pp : 288) 229 x 152 x 24mm
- Imprint : Routledge, Inc
- Publication Date : (first published : 20 Sep 2001)
French Food offers a smorgasbord of topics on cuisine in modern France, from the invention of French cuisine in the early 1800s to the McDonaldization of that national emblem, the French fry. The editors uses discrete moments in French history to illuminate the intersection of food, nationality, and culture : the origin of modern French gastronomy, the role of food in literature and films from Proust and Colette to detective fiction, public and private meals at the end of the nineteenth century, and the fusion of international cuisines at the turn of this century. George Bauer, Priscilla P. Ferguson, Michael Garval, Francis Higginson, Philip Hyman, Brigitte Mahuzier, Toby Miller, Gerald Prince, Lawrence R. Schehr, Naomi Schor, Franc Schuerewegen, Marc Smeets, S
- Colette’s Ecriture gourmande Brigitte Mahuzier

Autour de Mme Swann

N° 52 - 2002
MAHUZIER : Un dessin de Vinci et la chevelure de Gilberte : une étude d’ « Autour de Mme Swann »

Pactes proustiens

Colloque à Normale Sup’ : "Unions en tous genres"
dim. 16 mai 2004.
Brigitte Mahuzier : Pactes proustiens.

Proust, war, intelligence, and idiocy

- Author : Brigitte Mahuzier
- DOI : 10.1080/1026021042000325453
- Published in : journal Contemporary French and Francophone Studies, Volume 9, Issue 1 January 2005 , pages 47 - 61
- Subjects : Cultural Studies ; European Politics ; European Studies ; French Literature ;
- Number of References : 6
- Previously published as : Sites : The Journal of Twentieth-Century/Contemporary French Studies revue d’études français (1026-0218) until 2004

Proust : WWI and the Idiot Century

Cultural Production in the 19th Century : Voices and Visions of the Contemporary
June 7­-8, 2006
Brigitte Mahuzier ; Bryn Mawr College ; "Proust : WWI and the Idiot

Contracts and Conflicts in Balzac’s Early Works

Journal of the Society of Dix-Neuviémistes
Number 11, October 2008
State of the Union : Marriage in Nineteenth-Century France
Brigitte Mahuzier, Contracts and Conflicts in Balzac’s Early Works, (pp.23-36)

Fromentin démodé

Vanderbilt University
Nashville, Tennessee
16-18 October, 2008
Changing Reputations

Chair : Elisabeth Ladenson, Columbia University
- 1. Fromentin démodé. Brigitte Mahuzier, Bryn Mawr College
- 2. Sainte-Beuve Contre Proust. Kevin Kopelson, University of Iowa
- 3. Genlis disparue. Martine Reid, Université de Lille III
- 4. Balzac the Unavoidable. Elisabeth Ladenson, Columbia University

Stasis and Change, Character and Class in the Novel

Saturday, October 24, 2009
Session IX 3:30-5:00pm

- Panel : IX.A. Deer Valley I & II. Stasis and Change, Character and Class in the Novel
- Chair : Brigitte Mahuzier, Bryn Mawr College
- 1. Henry James, Vernon Lee, and "the So-Called Decadents." Cecily Swanson, Cornell University
- 2. Evolution et fossilisation : Masculin et féminin chez Stendhal. Martine Reid, Université de Lille 3
- 3. Parisian Social Studies : Comte and the Novels of Paul de Kock. Anne O’Neil-Henry, Duke University

Balzac et Bonald : Un mariage de Raison

Brigitte Mahuzier (Bryn Mawr College), « Balzac et Bonald : Un mariage de Raison »

Contracts and Conflicts in Balzac’s Early Works

Brigitte Mahuzier (Bryn Mawr College), « Contracts and Conflicts in Balzac’s Early Works »

Lourdes et la grande pitié de Zola

Lourdes et la grande pitié de Zola. Brigitte Mahuzier, Bryn Mawr College

Humiliation and the Construction of Identity in the 19th century French Novel

Brigitte Mahuzier, Bryn Mawr College, "Humiliation and the Construction of Identity in the 19th century French Novel"

The Importance of Being Thérèse : François Mauriac and Other Tormented Catholics in the Gay 20s

Brigitte Mahuzier, Bryn Mawr College

War, Sex, Empire : Military Cultures in Nineteenth Century France

- Round Table : Thursday, April 6 – 7:00 p.m.
- Roundtable in the series : Rethinking Nineteenth Century French Studies
- DAVID A. BELL, Johns Hopkins University
- BRIGITTE MAHUZIER, Bryn Mawr College
- BRIAN MARTIN, Williams College

Men and Lesbianism

Edited by Elisabeth Ladenson

Contents - Introduction - The special issue that shagged me - Elisabeth Ladenson, University of Virginia ; Daughters of Bilitis - Gretchen Schultz, Brown University ; Male lesbianism - Naomi Schor, Yale University ; Rodin’s sapphic couples - Brigitte Mahuzier, Bryn Mawr College ; Lovely lesbians or pussy galore - Elisabeth Ladenson, University of Virginia ; Oh behave - Austin Powers and the drag kings - Judith Halberstam, University of California, San Diego

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Yale French Studies, Number 90 Brigitte Mahuzier

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